plz help...why me??


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plz help...why me??

First off hello i am new to this thred/blog.

I have a 1998 gmc jimmy 4x4 2door 4.3L
In the past week my fuel pump quit. So i figured it was time for a new one. I went purchased a new one dropped it in the vehicle worked for a whole day. Then the fuel pump quits and will not turn on again. I bring it back say its broke/defective guy put a test infront of me it was pushing out over 60psi holding 8amps. Hmmm so i bring it back home drop it back in the tank n still will not turn on. So i go n buy a newfuel pump relay "not knowing how to check to c if its ok or not) put that in still nothing. I take the fuel tank back off check my hot wire "the grey one" that should turn the test light on for a second when then vehicle is started to prime the pump. I turn the vehicle off n on numerous times n sometimes it goes on n sometimes it does. I could'nt get a constant check out of it. Maybe thats what it's supose to do i dont know. Anyways the truck just keeps turning over and will not start because the fuel pump will not turn on. Sorry i kept saying fuel pump when i can not get just the fuel pump alone. I had to purchase the full sending unit. So if someone could plz help me with this issue because i am a bigger guy with no hoist. I can not handle getting stuck under the "mini suv" again

I am not sure if u post returns on here or to my email so my email is

Thx n have a good one!

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When you first turn on the ignition you should get power to the pump for several seconds while it builds pressure then it will shut off unless the engine starts. What you really need to do is a pressure test in your vehicle, but before you do that, have you ever replaced the fuel filter and how long ago?

Also wouldn't hurt to check for spark if you haven't already, just so you're not chasing your tail.

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thank you for the advice but my fuel pump will not turn on with the key. No pressure no juice going 2 if for some reason?
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It sounds like ignition switch is bad. That why sometimes you are getting juice to your pump and sometimes you don't. I would check for spark as the tow guy suggested. It could also be a fusible link. But it is pretty common for ignition switches to go bad causing this problem. Hope this helps. Good Luck
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Going back to what Tow Guy said. Check to be sure you dont have a clogged up fuel filter. If the pump is seeing that you have sufficient pressure to start and run then it will not "turn on". The fuel pressure is what decides if the power is sent to the pump. My best suggestion is to remove the filter and check it and even go as far as to turn on the ignition and see if you get fuel from the disconnected line. Short of that you need an actual fuel pressure test. To check the relay it is pretty simple, just put your hand on it while a helper cycles the ignition. If you feel it click then it is working properly.
Hope this helps ya,
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Some G M vehicles have a fuel pump fuse. It may be seperate from the normal fuses and be in a little box on the inner wheel well along with the fuel pump relay.
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Had a similar problem with an S 10...........Turns out there's a problem with the PIGTAIL leading TO the pump...... NAPA keeps them in stock..........
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yes ahh sorry for the delay...i had checked the fuel filter i had put a new one on the first time the fuel pump would'nt start due to parts may have got sucked up while it was breaking down. So i had put the new fuel pump back in before attaching the filter just to make sure i had a prime or some psi coming out of it but still had nothing. Which lead me to com come on here. The pump just will not turn on? I mean i brouught it back n the guy cycled it for me showing me the psi n amp's worx fine i put it back in my tank plug it in nothing?. I am sure use have something better to do then this i thank you for your help and didnt wanna take up your time i was just checking to see if maybe there was a known problem. Thx but still plz feel free to help me with suggestions a match is getting closer and closer to that gas tank lol.

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