1995 Monte Carlo--Fuel System Ignorance


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1995 Monte Carlo--Fuel System Ignorance

Car wouldn't start (95 Monte Carlo). Car would run when I squirted gas into intake until gas was burned up. It seemed to run smooth. I figured either fuel filter or fuel pump. Wrong. $120 and 3 hrs later, I had installed a new filter and pump, but car still wouldn't start. So I know it's getting spark. It runs smooth when I prime it so I think timing is ok. I know fuel pump is good. So now I am completely lost. Any ideas out there before I spend all our savings and the wife kills me? Any help would be appreciated like you wouldn't believe.. Thanks, Glenn
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I would check to make sure your vacuum hoses are in good condition and connected. Are you sure you are getting spark on ALL the cylinders? Check your plugs and wires. Also, you fuel injectors may be clogged. Run some injector cleaner through them.
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thanks for the reply........

well, in answer to your question, all the cylinders seem to fire when i squirt gas into the intake. the motor runs smoothly then. i will chck for vacuum hoses being disconnected. i never considered that. thanks.
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New pump/new filter..........Are you getting POWER to the pump?????.......and if so do you then have fuel pressure????? This sounds like it could be a fuel pump relay???? ( You should be able to swap with something like an A/C compressor relay or a cooling fan relay) or possible "brain damage".........ECM may have to be either "reflashed" or replaced.........
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95MonteCarlo fuel problems--thanks

what you have recommended makes the most sense to me. not enough auto knowledge--i'll have to investigate. is there a way to know for sure if "brain" is malfunctioning without spending much more cash? i'll try the relay approach first though. thanks again

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