'74 GMC stalling after turns


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Unhappy '74 GMC stalling after turns

Hi, I have a 1974 GMC Sierra Grande 2500 w/ 350 motor and auto transmission. I've owned the truck about 6 months, in that time it has stalled on me 4 times and I can't figure out why. Each time it has happened I have been either taking a turn or have just turned onto a street from a stop and have been accelerating for maybe 5 seconds or so (I'm not actually sure that this is the cause of the problem, it could just be a coincidence but it seems kind of weird). After it stalls it is difficult to start back up. Usually I have to sit for a few minutes and turn the engine over, switch between fuel tanks a few times and bang my head on the steering wheel a few times before it starts back up. Of the four times it has stalled I have been able to restart it three times, the fourth time I ended up killing the battery in the process and had to be towed. Other than this the truck runs perfectly. I have checked the fuel filter and it is clean, the fuel tank has always been between 3/4 and full when this has happened and the truck never sits for more than a week without being driven. I had a friend look at it and he took off the distributor cap and discovered that it was rusted on the inside so he cleaned it and put it back on. The truck started after this but has since stalled. I really have no idea what to do next and if possible I'd like to avoid a trip to a mechanic.....please help!!!!!
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Welcome to the forums Jim

Since the dist cap had to be cleaned I would start by replacing the cap, points and condensor. New plugs and wires might be a good idea also.

If it is indeed stalling from turning I would look for shorted wiring that might be moved slightly during turning.
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My dad had an old chevy suburban from about that same year and it would do the same thing. I have no idea why, but it would stall only when turning. This really doesn't help you, but at least you know you're not crazy.

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Cool Have you tried giving your truck a thorough throttling and nasty talk?

Carburetors use to get crud in them after a while.
Take a look in the gas tank of your old push mower some time and take a look at the crud and water that does not pass.
I would pull the top of the carb off and take a look.
If you are uncomfortable doing that then here is a possible quick fix.
Have your son or daughter push on the vehicle side to side hard and get it rocking.
Have your wife near the back of the vehicle kicking the rear tire and at the same time saying nasty things to the truck.
You rev the vehicle and choke the carb with your hand to develop high vacuum in the carb and draw the crud out. You have to hold your tongue on the Left of your upper lip while doing the maneuver.
Seriously I would take the top of the carb off and take a look at what is in there. It is safer and better that way.
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It could also be the float level in the carb?? just a thought.
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Did the gmcs' in this erra have that porclain resistor? as did my 76' plymouth. This happend to me all the time (when I hit bumps), then I spent the $.85 on that thing and never had a problem.

It does sound like a loose connection or ground, check around the steering linkage and columb.

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