repairing 1998 plymouth breeze 2.4l


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Lightbulb repairing 1998 plymouth breeze 2.4l

Hello All

My girlfirend just got into an accident and was planning on repairing some of the damage myself and I was wondering if someone could give me a little bit of info on how hard it would be to replace this stuff. The list that we got from the mechanic is the radiator,radiator support and shroud fan is the major damage. Would it be that difficult tho replace these items if you do not have alot of automotive knowledge? Also the bumper and headlights need to be fixed but I though that would be pretty self explanatory. Any help would be greatly appeciated.
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Radiator, shroud, and fan are pretty easy. First off, you will have to drain you radiator, if not already done by the accident. There are probably going to be a total of 4 lines going to the radiator. Two big radiator hoses, usually one on top, one on the bottom. Then there will be 2 small transmission cooling lines. I recommend have a pan or bucket of some type to catch the fluid that may come out.
To remove the fan shroud, disconnect the cannon plug from it. (I recommend disconnecting your battery first). The shroud should just be held on with a few screws. (Remove hoses first so you have room to take fan shroud out). Remove shroud.
Radiator time: Observe whether or not you radiotor needs to be pulled out from the bottom of the car (some are like this) or the top. I believe the radiator is held on my 2-4 bolts. Sometimes the radiator will sit on some type of gromment fitting and just bolt on just at the top. Remove radiator.

Inspect your bolt/screw holes to see whether or not the accident oblonged or tore them up.

Install in reverse order.

Refill coolant

Check and top off transmission fluid if needed. (Just fill it up where the dipstick is).

Hopefully this helps. It shouldn't be to difficult. Just take your time. If you get frustrated, just back off.

Body panels, bumpers are probably more difficult since you have to line them up right to get a good gap line.


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