1998 ford explorer entry key programming


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1998 ford explorer entry key programming


I have a 1998 Ford Explorer and it came with two keys with FOBs. I lost one of them a few years back. I discomfort has grown lately with just one operating key/FOB for this car. Anyway, I went to the dealership and purchased another key, which costed me $43! Even worse is that I found out it is not readily useable unless it is programmed. And programming the key costs another $45! My understanding is that with only one old key present you would have to erase the key security code from the PCM and reprogram the two keys (one old and one new) together. Sounds like a easy two-minute job if only I have the NGS, tool to access PCM via OBD? Does any expert out there that has suggestions for getting this task done cheaper?! Thank you for your help.

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Do an internet search. There are a lot of sites. Most charge , but considerably less than the dealer, for programming info.
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It's not a two-minute job, it has a ten minute wait on any tester that you use from FORD. Sorry!
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Yes, Hogfan is right. It's a dealer function. You can't just reprogram these using a simple Consult or OBDII tool. The dealer will charge you at least there $45/hr service fee.

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