Has anyone ever heard of this?


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Has anyone ever heard of this?

I got a 95 VW Jetta 3 GL recently and found one major oddity. The rear passenger door latch broke, so the previous owner welded the door shut. I mentioned this to a few people and they thought that I was kidding until I showed them the door. Please tell me that this isn't a common fix for a broken latch.

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Neccesity is the mother of invention

Maybe it was the cheapest/easiest fix for the previous owner, bet he never had any back seat passengers
My wife used to have an olds and the hinge broke [which I welded the hinge] sold it to her son a few years later and the other hinge [same door broke] Welding doors shut should be reserved for race cars - can a VW go to the dirt track?
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My friend had a Jetta and one of the latches broke. He opted to fix it rather than weld the door shut.
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not a conventional method to fix, he must have been sitting right next to the welder when it was time to fix
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I can think of a half dozen scenarios where that little shortcut would be fatal.
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I agree with Tow. I would cut that weld and get the dang door latch fixed. Thats all you need is for someone to be in the backseat and have something happen where they can't get out.
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not safe IMO

Not safe IMO easy exit is important in case of fire or wreck or if car goes into water. Same goes for broken outside handles also not safe.If person is knocked out cold you want people to get in and remove you and that would not be possible with it welded.
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I rarely use the backseat except for stuff (Non-living), Just had to replace the transmission, amazing how hard that was to find. I will replace that latch when I get a little more ahead on my Citibank account.

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