350 chev engine start problem


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350 chev engine start problem

On my 350 chev that is on a boat the starter motor is not cranking the engine over.

So I pulled out the starter motor cleaned up electricals and tested it and it ran fine. Put it back in the motor and didnt work. So I pulled it out again took it to auto electriction who tested it on his bench in front of me and it worked fine (auto electriction thinks the starter was fine).

Again I put it back in the boat and it doesnt work. I bought a mutlimeter and measured the voltage. Its 12.4volts, but when i start the engine the voltage drops to less then 10volts. I bypassed the the ignition wiring and the same thing happens voltage drops to < 10volts. I added a engine starter/jumper kit to battery that plugs into normal power point and tried again to find volts is dropping and starter motor wont crank the engine.

Anyone got any ideas of what to do or try ?
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Check the battery condition and their cable terminals to make sure you have a good connection at those four points.

If you're OK there - try to turn over the engine manually. Pull the plugs to help make it easier.Try to get it to turn over a few times then try the starter again.

Hope this helps,

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The battery terminal points are all fine. I took them apart and cleaned them up.

How do you crank the motor by hand? do i turn the flywheel by hand where the starter motor is attached ?
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Use a large socket on the crank pulley bolt. What bob is suggesting, I think, is that the motor or possibly one of the accessories is locked up. If you can't rotate it, try removing all accessory drive belts.
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will it crank if you jump the solenoid with a screwdriver

it should be this difficult to figure this out

this is basic stuff

if it cranks when you jump the solenoid then replace it

if not then its gotta be in the switch or wiring if the starter is good

if its good it should spin really fast and smooth on the bench and the solenoid should click real nice and solid

if you know how they are supposed ot sound on the bench when they are good then its easy to know

good luck

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