Tires size comparison


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Tires size comparison

Is a tire that is marked as 215/65/15 any where close to the same as a 205/70/15.
Are they about the same size or how do they differ?
thanks in advance for your input
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These tires will be close to the same height/diameter, they may even be the same. Go to your local tire store and ask - they have info on the height of all their tires and can tell you for sure.
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Which tire is the correct tire and which is the replacement? Overall both tires are pretty close in diameter and if the 205/75-15 is the replacement tire your speedo will be off by 1.1% and it will read slower than your true speed. There's a website that calculates and compares tire sizes

215/65-15 sidewall 5.5"
205/70-15 sidewall 5.6"

215/65-15 radius 13.0"
205/70-15 radius 13.1"

215/65-15 dia. 26.0
205/70-15 dia. 26.3

215/65-15 circumference 81.7
205/70-15 circumference 82.6

215/65-15 rev/mile 776
205/70-15 rev/mile 767

difference of 1.1%

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