Pulsating Brakes not ABS, argghhhh


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Pulsating Brakes not ABS, argghhhh

1994 Toyota Camry 2.2L 134,000

Push on brake pedal, brakes pulsate. OK I changed pads and rotors. It was great for about 50 city miles and now it is doing the exact same thing. What's next,,, calipers?

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It sounds like a rotor problem. Check, or have them checked for runout.
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Sounds like a rotor problem. You said you changed the rotors already and was good for some miles? hmm. Make sure your brake caliper bolts are TIGHT! If they are lose, the caliper will slide on the rotor producing that pulsating feelings. Double check the rotors, bleed your brakes, then check out some new calipers after those have not resolved your issue.
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If you have a caliper sticking, a brake hose that has collapsed internally, or the caliper slide hardware sticking, you may have a heat buildup problem that in turn warps the rotor.

You also want to check the rear brakes as well. Although they do much less than half of the braking, if they are not working correctly, it puts extra work on the fronts to stop you. This in turn causes heat buildup and in turn may warp a rotor.

The entire system needs to work well so each part is only required to do what it was designed for.
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just a guess, but if you didn't install the wheels with a torque wrench you may have warped the new rotors. not so much of a problem on drums, but for me ,on dics brakes, it's mandatory.
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Found the problem! I read on-line to figure out if the pulsating are caused by the back brakes is to to slowly pull up on the emergency brake only to slow down. The brakes did pulsate when I did this. Thanks for all the replies!


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