Toyota Supra


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Toyota Supra

Thinking about investing in Toyota Supra, late 80's, early 90's for a commute car. I was thinking no turbo and manual transmission.

They seem to be pretty reasonably priced and sporty looking.

Any good/ bad feelings on the car.

Thanks in advance,

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nice lookin car

The Supra is a nice lookin car and should be very reliable being a Toyota product I would watch for a couple of things one being since it is a sport car type it might have been driven hard I do not know any old people that drive them as they opt for the Avalon. Check it out real well and I can not say this enough get a carfax (history report).It is not free but well worth it and if you get it from a car dealer they will pay for it.
With so many floods in the past you sure do not want a flood car also it tells you who has owned the car and were they lived.
I stay away from cars from up north and go for cars from places like Arizona Nevada etc.(no rust).
You also do not want a car that once was a rental car they get maintenance but are dogged by the drivers ( I know). The car fax will tell you that and more.
Check it out real good or have a good mechanic do it.
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Thanks Michael:

I know what you mean about the rust. I'm in Iowa and we have everything up here to rust out a car.

I've been around the 22RE and the 1.8 but the Supra inline 6 is foreign to me. Someone had told it has a connection to the Chevy 250 inline 6. Is there anything to that or is that engine strictly Toyota?

Thanks for the info,


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