94 geo prizm lsi found spring in radiator after overheat


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Angry 94 geo prizm lsi found spring in radiator after overheat

I have a 94 geo prizm, 2 days ago my car overheated on the highway with no warning. I pulled over let the engine cool down and checked the fluid, after adding some it seemed to run fine for about 3 miles, then the temp gage started bouncing around, from cool to hot the car still had heat but would blow cool every now and again till finaly just cool air. Thinking it might be a fualty thermostat i pulled into a gas station and went to remove the thermostat to find it was no longer there. also in the process i found a small spring in my radiator about 1" long and a litle over a 1/4" diamiter filled flat on both seats of the spring. any Idea what this spring may have came from and where did my thermostat go?
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This is the spring to your thermostat silly. It broke off it's thermostat housing and went into your radiator. I would recommend that you do a coolant flush to make sure everything is out. That busted thermostat is obviously the reason for the overheating.
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the spring was actualy from my radiator cap

i pulled my radiator out today and and flushed it completly and found pieces of rubber and discovered the spring was from my radiator cap. I think my water pump is the culpret but I'm just gonna replace the pump and the thermostat both to be safe.(still dont understand where my thermostat went though,....makes no sence to me. oh well.
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When you say "no longer there" do mean entirely or just pieces? And are you sure there was a thermostat there previously (people have been known to remove thermostats and run without them, perhaps a previous owner?)?

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