Transmission Problem Mercury Cougar


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Transmission Problem Mercury Cougar

I have a 1986 mercury cougar 6 cylinder with a c-5 automatic transmission. Recently I noticed that the car sounded like it was idling higher than normal while driving on the highway so I set out to try and fix the problem. So far I have changed the transmission filter and fluid, the vaccuum modulator, speed sensor, throttle position sensor and readjusted the bands in the tranny, nothing has seemed to fix this problem. Tell me is there something I am missing? I know that my car did not run or sound like this before but from all my research I can't find anything that will help me fix this. Please someone help!
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Idle high.

Is the idle high at stops. If so look for a vacuum leak. Look around the intake manifold and vacuum hoses coming off the intake.
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I think we need a little clarification as hog suggests. I think maybe you mean the engine is revving higher than previously at the same speed while driving down the road?

If this is the case, and considering what you've already done, it may simply be worn out. You didn't say how many miles are on it, but for an '86 I would suspect at least 150,000.
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Cougar problems

Hey guys, sorry I hadn't checked back right away but I just got so frustrated with the damn car I've just been driving it like it was acting normal to ease the stress. I haven't checked the intake manifold for any serious type of vaccuum leaks but I think I would have noticed something if there was any but I will check that out. As far as the mileage of the car and this is fact it is just about to turn onto 99,000 not too bad for a car I originally paid $600 dollars for 2 years ago! I just can't understand it though the damn car is running better than ever with all that I have done to try and fix it except for the main problem that started me on all this. Is there something in the rear end that might be malfunctioning? The car does make a slight whaa whaa whaa at higher speeds but I was thinking that would just mean it could use a little rear end lube. I appreciate your guys imput very much!!!

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