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Arrow boiling water

i have a 1984 Ford Bronco II. It has a V-6. When Its cold it runs fine. But after it heats up it starts overheating and the water goes into the overflow and is boiling.
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First make sure it has enough coolant [after it cools down] It might have a defective thermostat or even a bad radiator cap. The radiator may need to be cleaned or replaced. Check and make sure the fan is running, cooling off the radiator. Start with the small [cheap] stuff and work your way up.
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Block test the radiator, Could be a cracked cylinder head. Have seen this. This test will check for exhaust gasses in the coolant. The heads usually crack between the valve seats. Sorry not good news!
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In my experience an overheating engine has always been due to a faulty thermostat.

How many miles has it been since it was last changed? If it's been more than about 50,000, then I'd go ahead and replace the thermostat first because normally its a pretty easy job, and a new thermostat is less than $10. Even if that's not the problem, you'll have a new one.

Another thought: Start the engine and let it warm up with the hood up. Feel the top water hose connecting to the radiator. It will be cool initially. After the engine starts to overheat it should be hot. If not the water is not circulating back from the engine to the radiator, probably because the thermostat is stuck closed.
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You said boiling water. Are you using the proper mixture of coolant? If your using straight water, thats normal.

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