Cooling system ?


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Cooling system ?

I have a 97 plymouth voyager that I am putting in about a quart or so of coolant a month into and I am trying to find any leaks. I have ran the engine with cardboard underneath and nothing shows. Heater works however, it stays warm for a while and then goes cold. I have installed a new thermostat and nothing looks like it is leaking around the heater core that I can see. The engine runs fine and produces no smoking or anything. Once in a while when I get out after driving their is a faint smell of anti freeze, Engine temp looks normal. Any thoughts.

I was tracing out all the hoses and I was wondering , there are two small dia.hose that come off the top of the radiator tank under the cap. one goes to the overflow bottle and where does the other one go. I loose down under the engine somewhere. Thanks
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You could have a leak in the heater core. When you run the heater it simply vaporizes the antifreeze. A quart a month may not show anywhere.

If you're in an area with cold weather (probably about to start) the condensation should show on the windshield with the defroster turned on.

If it is the core you would smell it faintly in the cab when running.

If you're in one of the southern states you could simulate the cold weather by placing a bag of ice on the outside of the windshield just above the defroster vent. Then let the engine run with the defroster on. You should see the condensation on the inside of the windshield.

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Go to your auto parts store and get a tube of Aluma-Seal stop leak(not a lookalike) dump it in the radiator,not the overflow and your problem will be solved and it's only about $1.99. Have a nice day. Geo
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IMO radiator or block seal should be used as a last resort or when you can't afford to fix it right. Radiator sealer can be effective!
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pressure test

if autozone is around you, get the free loaner tool presure tester and test the system. If you have a rear heater core don't forget to follow those hoses. You will find leaks with the tester because the coolant will drip on your diveway and not evaporate since it will be cold when you test.

If the presure drops on the tester and you don't see water, after several pump-ups, write back for the next step. But first see if you oil level rose and have someone watch your tailpipe on you first start-up after the test.

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