Aerostar Electrical Mess


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Aerostar Electrical Mess

My '96 Aerostar 3.0 auto has a number of electrical problems or just one?
The airbag light is flashing either code 13 or sometimes code 52. The radio remains on when the ignition switch is turned off.
The battery runs down if unused for 24 hours.
The passenger window will not open but will close from the drivers control panel.

I believe that the electronics that control the airbag are housed in a blue box under the driver side dash. I have unplugged this but still get a dead battery (air bag light stays on, no flashing).

I suppose I have a short somewhere? My Haynes manual doesn't have much in the way of wiring diagrams. What would be a good source of wiring information. Does anybody want to guess how many problems this adds up to?
looking on the internet watchspring or clockspring replacement comes up time and again for airbag problems. The horn and cruise control work so maybe not this spring. Also isn't this spring for grounding? -So not involved in drawing down my battery. Any guesses?
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Do an amperage draw test. Put an amp meter in line with the postive battery cable. And read the amperage draw. Amperage
draw should not be more than 50 millamps. After a hour wait. If draw is more start
pulling fuses untill draw is gone. The fuse you remove when the draw goes down to spec is the system to look at. I would first start with unplugging the radio.
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Thanks for advice.

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