'87 Honda Accord - Lug Bolts Broke


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'87 Honda Accord - Lug Bolts Broke

Morning. I'll make this as short as possible. 4 months ago I aqquired an '87 accord 4 door 5 speed manual for free because it had been in an accident. (ran off the road, severe passenger side front end damage.)

My dad and I fixed the body work, replaced the battery, did a tune up ect.. brakes were fine with new tires so I didn't bother to replace them.

well there was a noise comming from the right side that I mistakenly thought was the CV joint going bad. it ended up being that in the accident I suppose, the wheel had sustained such a shock that the screws holding the rotor onto the drive shaft had broken, and over the course of me driving the rotor began to wear on the lug bolts to a point where it had alot of play (I think its about a good 1/4 inch.) anyway I recently had to swerve to avoid hitting a car that pulled out infront of me, ended up hitting a pothole on the side of the road.. passenger side of the car.

The impact coupled with my braking caused 2 of the 4 lug bolts to snap completely. I immediately felt a bad shimmy.. and I mean bad.. I pulled over and then realized what the extent of the damage. (the woman that pulled out in front of me kept driving...) I limped home (I was about 5 miles from home) at 25mph and parked the car.

Ive got the car jacked up and I see that the lug bolts are pressed in, I think. My question is would I go about replacing the lug bolts? I've tried to remove the assembly that holds the bolts (forgive me for not knowning what its called : \ ) but I can't unscrew the center nut, there is no cotter pin to remove, I found that a bit strange. If I could get to an auto-parts store I'd get a haynes for this but I don't want to have to make TWO trips in a taxi being 10 miles from an auto-parts store.

Any help is greatly appreachiated.

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Okay the nut I'm having trouble with is the spindle nut that holds the Front Hub on. I had my neighbors cute daughter drive me over to my old man's house and I got his compressor, air tools, and happened to find a Chilton 73 - 88 Honda Repair Manual. Glad he had a honda in the past.

Anyway the Spindle nut should only have 134 ft lbs on it, however I am quite positive I put in excess of that on it and it isnt budging. I tapped out the lug bolts as far as I could get them however the knuckle has a nice little lip that just happens to extend far enough up to prevent me from replacing the studs without removing the front hub.

Guess I should go ahead and call a honda dealership.
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As to getting the large spindle nut off, I use a cheater bar when doing this. I have several pieces of old pipe of various lengths with inside diameters large enough that I can slip over the end of the ratchet wrench handle. This adds a lot of extra torque to your untightening. Generally, the longer the cheater bar (or pipe) the easier it is to break the nut loose.

Good luck!

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