88 celebrity, overheating/fan problem?


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88 celebrity, overheating/fan problem?

from a few posts i've understood that the fan will not start turning until a certain temp. though i think the fan does work. the coolant heats up and boils over into the resorvoir. i've cleaned and flushed the radiator already. i've replace the heater core about a year ago, as well as the thermostat. it was very cold out today and its the first time my car has doen this in some time. any ideas?
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also wanted to note that the resorvoir seems to not hold coolant anymore so i quit trying. i just check the radiator once in a while and refill when needed. low coolant is on when i first start car, and usually goes off after driving about 10 minutes. sometimes it will come back on, usually until i stop driving.
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If you flushed the system, checked the thermostat, etc. It leaves two possibilities:

1.) Your water pump is bad

2.) You have an internal engine problem i.e. blown head gasket/bad piston rings.

You can determine if #2 is your problem if you got anti-freeze/water in your oil.

I would lean towards the water pump since you didn't mention it.

Verify that your fan is working also by putting the A/C on. The fan(s) should turn on then.
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is it overheating?

some call it an expansion bottle. If it leaks or the hose to it leaks, all the fluid expelled during the heat-up cycle will be lost. When the car cools down the radiator will be down several inches. Since your bottle doesn't work you cannot suck coolant in on the cool cycle. Your car is water cooled not air cooled, so fix the bottle and or hose. It is maybe a $1 for a new hose and fix any craks in the bottle with sealant. It is not a pressure bottle, so almost anything will work.

I had a GM A body car, an '84 Pontiac 6000 w/ 2.8, v6, engine code x. The intake manifold leaked, so check for water in the oil as suggested. Also this car's dash temp sensor was actually a head temp sensor. See if you have a thin single wire running from the head closest to the firewall to the firewall. Does your gauge read hot? Finally the GM mid-eighties plastic wiring harness connectors are crap. My cooling fan would cut out, the ac would stop cooling and the temp would spike in stop and go traffic. I carried a stick, so I could reach down between the exhaust and fan and wiggle the connector. The fan would come on and I would be good for another week or so.

Don't forget to check the rad. cap.

good luck

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