(paint)Masking WITHOUT tape???


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(paint)Masking WITHOUT tape???

I've got a tailight with 3-dimensional/projecting name letters that I need to refinish. The face/surface (only) of these letters is to be repainted with a simulated chrome paint.

What product or technique has been used, successfully, to mask the surrounding area and will stand up to a lacquer-based paint. As painters' paper-based masking tape would be most difficult to apply on this project, is there a spray-on masking product on the market that would allow me to chemically remove the material only on surfaces that I needed to paint?

I've even considered daubing on the paint with a flat piece of upholstery foam. However, this would probably leave an unacceptable mottled finish.

Any ideas??
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I don't know of any chemical based product you are wanting. Someone can chime in if there is. Tape is the best option. Though it might be a pain in butt, tape and a simple razor blade should be used. I paint aircraft for the Air Force and thats all we use. Even in tough areas like you describe. Take the time, and have the patience, and it will be fine. Prep work is key to a good end product. Once taped, lightly sand over area so the paint has a good surface to adhere too.
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I agree tape is the best method, using a brush would be second. It is also possible to coat all the areas not to be painted with vasoline so the paint won't stick - this can open up a whole new set of problems keeping the oil off the painted surface and removing it once done.
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Thanks HotInOKC and MarkSr for your professional input.

I must have an overworked imagination.

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