tie rod ends


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tie rod ends

I'm having trouble taking off an old tierod end.....I was able to loosen the jam nut but can not budge to tie rod end ...no matter how I try to secure the stud it spins and I'm unable to break the tie rod end loose...any idea's...I'm stumped...


P.S. ...The passenger side came off with ease....i thought it would be a breeze...
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Easiest route would get both inner and outter tie rods, that way you don't have to remove just the outter. You did trying to double wrench it? You may need a nice breaker bar to help.
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If I understand correctly, the taper in the steering arm has already come loose and the nut just spins the stud, correct?

a couple ideas:

a nut splitter

an acetylene torch (burn the nut off)

try tightening the nut with an impact gun. after the taper is set, then with the impact gun take the nut off (I have best luck by "popping" the trigger in short bursts rather tan a lengthy spin.)

whap the bottom of the tie rod end to try to get the taper to set.

try to design a clamping system to force the taper into its reciever taper tight enough to hold so you can turn the nut off.

If I'm at the wrong end of the tie rod, use either a pipe werench, or onsome cars, a wrench that actually fits flats on the inner tie rod, or there are self tightening wrences that grab quite well. As hot spoke of, double wrenching the thing.

Not sure how many inner tie rods hot has replaced but every inner I can think of requires the outer to be removed first to use the correct inner tie rod tool to remove the inner.
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This is the outer tie rod end... The jam nut broke loose from the steering arm....the trouble I'm having is with the steering arm rotating when I try to loosen the tierod end itself...I tried pipe wrench's and vice grips but I can't seem to hold it tight enough...like I said before the other side came off real easy...by the way this is a 93 chevy lumina...thanks
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It seems like a pipe wrench would hold it.

You may try pentrating oil from an auto parts store - I use Liquid Wrench, but there are lots of others probably as good. Spray it and let it set overnite.

If you're in a hurry and have access to a torch the surest way is to heat the steering arm. Just heat the end where your tie rod is frozen. If you do this don't get carried away with the torch. If you go too hot you'll take the temper out of the connecting rod. Just heat it until the tie rod breaks loose.

Hope this helps,


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