Camry: Leaky Steering Rack


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Camry: Leaky Steering Rack

97 Camry 4 cyl 87,000. My mechanic confirmed that power steering fluid is leaking from the steering rack. I go through a pint of Dexron III every four months or so. I plan on eventually replacing the rack, but in the meantime, how does everyone feel about a temporary fix with a product like "Stop Leak" from Bar's or Lucas Oil? Since the Camry uses transmission fluid instead of pewer steering fluid, if I were to use the "Stop Leak," should I use one for steering or transmissions?

Also, how dangerous is it to put off replacing the rack?

Thanks in advance,
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Not sure what product you can use. I'm pretty sure you can use some sort of stop leak. Most newer vehicles use Dechron III ATF fluid. If that rack completely fails, I would think you might just lose power steering, but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way. If you want to replace the rack yourself, it usually takes a few hours. Most front wheel drive cars you have to drop the front crossmember, etc.
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As a master tech I am always against any kind of stop leak in any system. Stop leak works by solidifying at the point of the leak. Unfortunately they also solidify within the system itself and can clog small passages and orifices. Also, most leaks occur at a moving part for which stop leak will do absolutely no good anyway. So for the best results just get the rack replaced.


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