starter keeps on turning


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starter keeps on turning

thanks for the help on my last post it turned out the throttle pos sencer was the prob. any way 1987 2.9l ford ranger has a new problem i was driving home and the motor died on me so i restarted it and the starter stays on and motor is running. pulled the ground wire from the batt and it stops soon as i put the batt back on the starter starts to turn the motor pulled the cable from the solanoid to the starter and the starter stops my freind told me that the starter was bad. but I thought if the starter was bad it would not turn the motor
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This has happened to me once, in my Maxima, but turning the key off, then starting it again fixed it.

In your case, it sounds like you may have a bad starter relay. This is what tells the starter to engage/disengage. This part is usually mounted to the firewall. Trace the wires coming from the starter to it.
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When you have the problem pull off the ignition switch feed from the starter solenoid (above passenger side fender well). It would be the small wire with the L shaped connector. If that stops the starter you probably have a ignition switch problem.

If that doesn't stop the starter, you have a bad starter solenoid. The solenoid plunger is frozen to the contacts. The solenoid isn't expensive or hard to replace. Disconnect the battery before replacing.

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Thanks guys I'll try that.

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