Replacing brake shoes


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Replacing brake shoes

How do i change the rear brakes on my 89 dodge daytona.I've done the front brakes and they're pretty easy but have never done rear brakes before,some have told me you need special tools and some say you don't.
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Go to:
click on the AARC Auto Repair in the middle of the screen and follow the link for your truck. Have a nice day. Geo
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You might want to go to autozone [probably any chain autoparts] and get a repair manual for your car. I think they run about $15

You don't have to have the "special" brake tools to do the job but they can make the job a little easier, especially with the springs and clips.
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GEO GRUBB That is an awesome link! thanks! I was wondering if there were any free ones left out there.I remember years ago there was a cyberparts model look-up that was pretty good but it disappeared or something,hopefully this one stays around for awhile.
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buy new hardware too!

buy all new springs even if you must order them; they are cheap

Do one side at a time, so you can look at the still assembled side for guidence. Wear eye protection and count on at least one spring getting away from you, so do the job in an open place where finding the spring will be easy.

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