91 Pontiac Lamas Starter won't engage


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91 Pontiac Lamas Starter won't engage

The Starter on my daughters car won't engage. When she turns the key nothin happens,Starter has been replaced and still does nothin,I have been told it could be clutch saftey switch ,Does anyone know how to test this or disconnect it??Any other ideas would also be a great help
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did you try wiggling the shifter fore and aft while trying to crank it over

its possible it could be the safety switch yeah but not a common cause, but should be ruled out

did you replace the starter solenoud also, when you replaced the starter

good luck
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Have you verified that the battery is strong?

Do you have a voltmeter, or 12 volt test light? If so, I'd suggest that you determine whether the problem is in the control circuit, or the starter circuit itself. To do this, I'd get under the car and find the starter solenoid. Then I'd find the wire connected to it coming from the ignition switch. I'd connect one end of the voltmeter to this terminal and the other to a nearby ground. Then I'd have my daughter try to start the engine while I observed the voltmeter. If you don't get any voltage then the problem is with the control circuit. If you get power (12 volts or better) the problem is with the starter circuit.

Good luck.
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Your clutch safety switch should a plunger type mounted under the dash, connected to the clutch pedal. It should have two wires going to it.

When you depress the clutch it establishes continuity through the switch. You can check it with a test light. With the key in start position one side of the switch would be hot. With the clutch down, both sides would be hot.

If you don't have a test light you can jump across the switch with a short wire, connecting the two wires going to the switch. This would only be for testing. You want that switch to be operational, especially with your daughter driving the car.

Hope this helps,

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All the answers are well and good however you should start at the beginning. First, test your battery, you should have 13+ volts. Next you need to check your cables from and to the battery, a loose ground will stop you dead. Then check the cables at the ground and starter or solenoid, then check your switch as per the other posts.
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thxs for the help its the ignition switch,Never changed one before ,whats all involved ,do I have to change complete switch which i'm guessing means a new key or is there away of keeping old key ???
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