Automotive battery question


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Automotive battery question

Can a person (such as myself) put a marine deep cycle battery in a car as long as the marine battery had enough cranking amps?
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I wouldn't see a reason why not. May not last as long as a automotive battery beig its not made for that kinda service. Just make sure its secured and that it fits
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Also, make sure that marine battery is 12v's. Some marine batteries are 6. Your call will not run on 6.
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My brother used to use one in his race car with no problems. Of course that didn't have an alternator in it which is why he used it. He could race longer on it than a normal car batery.

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it seems the problem with using a deep cycle is that they never get fully charged and maintained with a normal alternator

and thats what is the worst for a battery is to be not fully charged all the time

so maybe a realy big alternator would make it ok

not sure

good luck
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Deep cycle battery

A deep cycle battery is made to be cycled (full charge to nearly no charge and back again). A car battery is meant to be at a near full charge all the time.

The battery life of a deep cycle battery will be shortened if continously charged and vice versa for a car type battery being deep cycled.

To answer the question, if it is a 12V battery, you can probably use it in a car, but do not expect it to last too long.
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I have used golf cart batteries [6volt] in antique vehichles with good results. I believe they are also deep cycle. Of course they also have a generator instead of an alternator - if that makes a difference.

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