92 camry overheating problem


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92 camry overheating problem

Out of nowhere my 92 camry overheated on the highway
so i took off the thermus and refilled with antifreeze
made it home where i flushed the radiator (it was very dirty)
and then refilled with antifreeze but left the thermus off now the car is still running hot even with the thermus off?
what could be the problem?
i checked the radiator no leaks waterpump seems fine
even put in some stop leak incase there was a leak i didn't see
car still running hot
any suggestions on what could be the problem?
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If you replaced your thermostat, and flush system; check your heater core drain. Some cars drain into the pass floor board, if not, a weep hole in the firewall. If that is good, then check your oil. If you have antifreeze/water in your oil, then you have a bad head gasket. Some people can smell some antifreeze in their exhaust, though not a smart idea to stick your face down there, but you can tell that way as well sometimes.
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Here's one I went through.
After replacing a waterpump, thermostat, radiator and hoses, the eventual fix to the 500 dollar repair job was the radiator cap.


The radiator cap IS another thermostat.
If it is bad, it releases pressure and coolant when it shouldn't.

Can be hard to diagnose and test. Cheaper and easier to just replace it when nothing else works.

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