95 Chevy clutch/transmission ?


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95 Chevy clutch/transmission ?

95 Chevy 1/2 ton, 350, 2wd, 5 Speed manual, 200k mi.
I just test drove this truck and it is a head scratcher for me, the problem is when you let the clutch out it starts to creep forward like the clutch is slipping/shot, however, if I gave it more gas instead of slipping more it would sound like the gears were grinding and would take off ok, like teeth were missing in the transmission it acted the same in any gear I used, even reverse. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Could be a bad pilot bearing on the input shaft. That bearing would make a lot of noise in all gears except the tallest gear gear short of an over drive.

For instance if you had a four speed (no over drive) the input shaft links directly to the output shaft in fourth gear. All other transfers go down to a counter shaft and back up to the output. The latter would have the pilot bearing turning and making noise if it was bad.

Overdrive gears have to go down to a counter shaft as does a reverse gear.

If you can get it up to tallest gear short of the overdrive (if it has one) you should notice a lot less noise, which would point to the pilot bearing.

A common cause of those going out is towing the vehicle without the driveshaft disconnected. In that case the output shaft is turning without the countershaft gears throwing grease up to the pilot bearing on the input shaft.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the reply, I was kind of thinking a problem with the input shaft. I'm going to pass on the deal, by the time I got it fixed I would have more invested than it is worth. Thanks again and have a nice day. Geo
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yeah if it wasnt for the grinding noises i woiuld say bad clutch slave cyliner or bad clutch


sounds like a broken tranny to me

good luck

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