90 Dynasty Starts Intermittently


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90 Dynasty Starts Intermittently

My 1990 Dodge Dynasty (3.3, auto) recently began to start erraticly. Sometimes it will fire right up, but other times all you get is strong solenoid click and fuel pump whir.

Battery has been replaced, terminals cleaned.

If I grab the column mounted shift lever and push it up and away while turning the ignition key, this seems to solve the problem most of the time. Finding the "sweet spot" is getting to be harder, though.

Neutral safety switch? Ignition switch?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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My 68 GTO had a bad neutral safety switch.
Moving the shifter a little was necessary to get it to start. Easy fix, but when it did NOT start, there was nothing. No clicking, No noise at all.
Doesn't sound like your problem. The safety switch must be fully closed for the current to get to the next component. You're getting enough current to get to the next next component and make noise, so it would seem the switch must be closed. Possibly the neutral safety switch IS bad but when closed, by wiggling the shift lever, the current is getting to the NEXT bad component.
Try NOT wiggling the shifter next time to see if you can eliminate the safety switch. Instead wiggle the key in every direction, sliding in and out, up and down to see if a sweet spot exists inside the ignition switch. A worn ignition switch, often caused by LOTS of keys dangling from the key ring wearing out the tumblers is possible. If your key is worn smooth, the tumblers probably are too. New key switch pretty cheap at the dealer (new keys included). If you can find a sweet spot without wiggling the shifter, forget the shifter, replace the key switch, particularly if the key is smooth. Pretty easy installation

Solenoid click is a sign of low voltage.
Usually bad battery or battery connections, but also the connections at the starter/solenoid or the solenoid itself.
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If the neutral safety switch were bad you would get nothing at all. Because you are hearing a strong click noise I would think your starter is going out. Some things you can do are check for 12v at the solenoid as well as the starter motor connection, check for a high voltage drop across the battery cable and a couple other things or... just rap on the starter with a hammer (the old fashion test) and see if will start as a result. Dont wait too long to replace it because the problem will get worse and more frequent and eventually not start at all.

If you need more info let me know.

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Thanks, Guys

Appreciate your advice and ideas.

Time for serious work with the volt meter.

Winter is coming fast and I'm getting too old and too fat to walk in the snow. LOL

Thanks again.

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