91 Geo Storm how to replace starter


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Red face 91 Geo Storm how to replace starter

Actually this question is for the young lady with 3 young tots who parks her Geo Storm in front of my house and then walks 4 blocks (with kids in tow) to her home. When I asked her to please move her car back further from my driveway she said she was sorry but that the starter was out and at 5:30 a.m., when she leaves for work, she can push her car down the hill and pop the clutch to start it. With 3 such small children and obviously alone, I have, I guess, taken it upon myself to help her get her car fixed. I've found a starter online for $25 and $10 shipping. Parts store wanted $110 for one. I need to know exactly what all is involved with replacing her starter before I jump out on a limb here and tell her my intentions. I've had total strangers help me before and I think this would be a good way to keep the good Karma flowing.
Can someone help me with the information that I need?
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Typical starter replacement.

Disconnect battery.
Jack it up if access is easier from below.
Block it firmly. Don't want it falling on you.

Usually 2-3 bolts holding starter in place.
Usually 2 wires.
1 to the battery.
1 to the solenoid.

Don't overtighten brass nuts on wires.
They're easy to strip.
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Sounds too good.....

Thanks for the simple and direct reply.

And I was also wondering what parts of the engine I need to remove to be able to access the starter. Like, you know, is the starter behind some belts I need to loosen or like tucked away behind some AC compressor I'll have to disconnect and re-charge? I was hoping someone had an actual manual that maybe could be referenced.
Also, are there parts that need to be aligned or a gear turned a certain way when putting the new starter on?
Do I need to mark something?
Will I need any "special tools"? Like a torque wrench?
I personally have a '96 Nissan Altima and I replaced IT"S starter. Simple task except for that one ornery bolt that I had a really hard time getting to and after hours of being frustrated I find out later that if I had just gone at it a certain way it would've been a piece of cake.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone out there had actually replaced this starter themselves and would be so kind as to offer me some tips before I attempt to be a good samaritan and work on her car.
Thanks so much
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where did you find the starter

i have a geo storm i would love to know what web site it was that you found the part at my starter just went out and two hundred is way to much please help
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That post you replied to is over 1 1/2 years old, Amber. I can't even guarantee the poster(s) are even active anymore.

I'm more than a little skeptical of a $25 starter, my suspicion is that it was probably used. You didn't mention model & year, but I suspect you can probably find one for about $100. Also, many times a starter is condemned when it may just need new contacts in the solenoid, about a $30 job.
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I agree with The Tow Guy with his comment related to the starter and i will also suggest check few auto parts store to see what kind of warranty they will carry on them.

As far as i know most will carry up to one year and XX amout of miles but few have lifetime warranty [ that part i just can't really comment on lifetime unless you read the FPN { fine print note } ]

Typically most automovite starter useally run 100 bucks or so depending on where ya find it and make sure you get with warranty.

I useally get the remanufactred or new one depending on the product itself.

Now back to the subject TTG did make very good point related to the solind switch but however if you replace the switch then short time later other thing can go wrong you have to remove the starter again and redo it again. but it is up to you what you feel like to do with it.

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Okay, I'll comment on the "lifetime" warranties. I think for the most part "lifetime" consists of a one-time replacement if the originally purchased item goes bad; it does not mean you buy the part and every time it wears out you get a replacement for the next 50 years.
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naw what lifetime means is most of the poor schlups who buy it won't remember or still own the vehicle when it comes time to replace that part. so we don't have to supply you with a new one. What grips me is we have a part for x price or a better one for xx price. hello make a good part the first time. I don't mind paying for well made quality parts, but don't sell me a poc and then say well this is better.

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That's true with a lot of "lifetime" warranties; they're gambling that by the time the part breaks you'll have sold the car or forgot you had a warranty on that part (or lost the receipt).

Quite some years ago I managed to replace a "lifetime" warranted muffler on an '86 Corolla four times, I think. After the last one they told me I couldn't get any more. That was about the time all the parts places inserted the fine print about "one replacement".

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