94 Ranger Clutch


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94 Ranger Clutch

I have a 94 Ranger 3.0 4x4. For the 3 or 4 years i have owned it the clutch always takes right on the floor when the weather gets cold. If you let it go it will evntually not disengage and become very difficult to shift. The only fix is to bleed the clutch line and you can see the air bubbles come out of the line. After this it will be ok for a week or two and then be right back where it was before. It only does this in the cold (below 40) I have been told that it is either the master cylinder or the slave cylinder. The fluid level never drops and all fittings appear tight and dry. Anybody ever had this problem or now what causes it. Thanks for any help
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Not to sure if you have an external slave But I had the same problems and gave in and bought a new master and slave for sevnty dollars. I was so suprised after word that before I replaced it wasnt disengaging all the way. I'd say spend the money and save your clutch.
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Slave cylindar kaput!
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i unfortunatly have an internal slave wich makes it very difficult to replace. Unless someone can tell me for sure that it is the slave cylinder i have been told to rplace the master first since it is a whole lot easier to get to. any ideas? Thanks
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my 2 cents

Been driving standards many many years and one thing I know once you replace one either the slave or the master the other one fails soon afterwards so I replace as a set.
However since your slave is not easy go for the master it might be a internal leak between the cups.

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