starter or solenoid problems ?


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Question starter or solenoid problems ?

I have a 1984 Bronco II 2.8 L. I recently have started having problems starting it. It sounds like the starter or solenoid but i hound a vaccum line unplugged and not sure where it goes. With this have anything to do with it starting ?
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lol dunno tap the starter listen to it. maybe vacuum advance??
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That vacuum line could prevent you from starting. Look around where that vacuum line is and see if there is a fitting it goes onto. Does the hose look like it was torn, or is it a clean flat end?
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yes if it is a large enough of a hose and is connected to a manifold vacuum source then it could very probabably cause it to not stay running yes

need to see where it connects to for sure and rule it out at least

if you have no luck then ask around at work or something and see if you can find someoen who works on stuff on the side or even that gas a truck like yours or another ford truck model with the same engine and about the same year that you could look at for where this hose goes to

good luck

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Both can cause a car not to start but in very different ways:

Bad Starter or Solenoid: When you turn the key you get nothing or a clicking sound.

Vacuum line: Very rare that it will keep your car from starting unless it is a really big vacuum line (maybe the one to brake booster) but assuming it is the cause, the engine will turn over but will not continue to run on its own.

Which problem do you have and maybe you can get better advice.

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Its fixed

It turned out to be the bendix on the starter. I had it rebuilt here in town for $20. Thanks for all the help.

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