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96 geo tracker

geo tracker


Hello. i have a 96 geo tracker 4x4 hardtop 4 cylinder. The problem i'm having is that it will all of a sudden shut off sometimes. I could be driving fine,come to a stopsign and it shuts off. Sometimes i have to wait 20 or 30 minutes before it will start up again. This happens at least once a week. The problem doesn't get worse when the car is running for awile cause when it does start up i could run it the rest of the day with no problems. It does this in all conditions(dry,wet) also when i go up hills the car will crawl up even if i have the gas down th whole way. On a straight stretch the car runs and shifts fine. Someone told me it could be a sensor or spark plugs and wires. Can someone help me with this. Thankyou.
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The symptoms are not consistant with problems with spark plugs or wires. I would first suspect the fuel filter. An old dirty filter can have the same effects on a car that you are describing. Unfortunately so can a bad fuel pump, but I would start with a filter.

Let us know.


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