MX6 Low Headlights are not working?


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MX6 Low Headlights are not working?

Hello everyone,
I have MX6 1991 4-cyl 165000mil CA lienced ok car. Last night just before I was about to enter freeway, I recognized that my short distance headlights weren't working. I couldn't recognize that until I came to a dark spot on the road. I had to drive home with my long distance headlights.
It was ok a day before. I don't have any other electrical problem. Signals, stop lights, interial lights are all functioning.
Since both short distance headlights are not working, I think it is a low % of possibility that both bulbs are ouf of order. Actually I don't know if there are two bulb, 1 for short and the other for long distance?
Could you please help me? Do you think if I can fix it by myself? Like maybe placing some wires into where they supposed to be??
Thank you very much

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I have had both bulbs go out in the same day, not that improbable.
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Usually, when one burns out, you don't realize it. When the second one goes - by golly it's dark.

Buy at least one new bulb and try it on both sides. you will probably find it works fine on either side and can then get a second bulb. Or go for broke and just buy two.
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You didnt know they were both out right away so having one bulb out for a while without noticing until the second blew is not a stretch. Actually its quite common for customers to bring there car to my auto repair shop claiming they have a lighting problem when its just bad bulbs. My record to this day is 13 bad bulbs in one car.

Check the fuse for sure, but next see if you are getting power to the bulbs.


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