Engine oil in spark plug well


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Engine oil in spark plug well

98 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L overhead cam

When I removed a spark plug for inspection, the upper threads were wet with engine oil. I removed the second one. It was all wet on the threads. I suppose this spark plug well was full of oil.

What do you suggest I do?
Most likely the valve cover gasket?
Or a more serious problem?
How do I diagnose?

Thank you.
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Its a really common problem with DOHC cars. There are seals that are part of the valve cover gasket at the top of the tube that you should replace and although I can't tell you which engines specifically there are some that have tube seals at the bottom also. Both the upper and lower seals should come with the valve cover gasket.

Once you replace them remove the spark plugs and wash the oil into the engine with some carb cleaner. Make sure you crank it the first time outside because it can make a lot of smoke burning the oil off.

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Not sure I agree with the "wash the oil into the engine" comment. It is likely full if dirt and grit, which you do not want in your cylinders. Get as much out with a rag/paper towel as you can, the cleaner the better.
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valve cover is leaking

happens all the time

spray it out good with some brake or carb cleaner or something and blow it out real good with compressed air before removing the spark plug if theres enough oil down there to get into the cylinder

replace VC gasket

good luck
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Thank you. I am much relieved. The car has been a maintenance intensive vehicle, I mean major repairs.

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