97 Caviler Gas in intake Manifold


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97 Caviler Gas in intake Manifold

I have a 1997 cheverolet cavilier, 2.2Liter engine.
I changed a fuel injector on it this weekend. I have changed 2 others a while back. It has 150K+ miles on it, so things are starting to wear out a little bit.
In the past, as in this time, gas was coming slowly seeping out of the top of the fuel injector. Which indicated to be that it was time to change this one too.

this time i did a couple of things differently, and a couple of things wrong too. Which I didn't do either time before. I place vaseline on the battery terminals. ( I do this on my truck to prevent corrosion.) I unplugged 2 wiring harnesses that go to the fuel tank and then started the car, to alivate the pressure in the line. Next I messed up and didn't put the bottom gasket on the injector before i placed it in the fuel rail.

Finally i failed to tighten the fuel raildown tight enough in the reassemblage. everything else was just simple re-assemblage.

From that stage, i reconnected the wiring and and tried to start the engine. It turned over a couple of times and now it won't start. I think there is a lock out circuit on the car, because it acts as though the batter is dead. But it isn't, i had it tested and it works just fine. I also, tried to jump start it, but it won't start. When i turn the key, it clicks repeatedly and the dash darkens, but it won't start.

I have also re-opened the car and put the bottem gasket in. This is when i found gas in the ducting leading from the engine to intake manifold. Not good. I used a towel and soaked it all out. tehn re-assembled the car, and of course tightened the fuel rail down properly.

Still won't start, all the fuses look good.

not sure where to go from here.

This has not been one of my stellar projects, i have done lots of work on this car, and the first time i have messed up like this.


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If it won't crank you have liquid lock, remove plugs and crank over, be careful with gasoline spraying out , disable ignition.
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clicking is either the solenoid due to too low of voltage to crank, or is bad connection in cables somewhere, or bad battery

one of the three

if the headlights dim out almost completely or totally when you try to crank the engine then you have low voltage in the battery

trying to crank with low battery is not good on the starter and can damage it

if it is indeed low

if the battery is up where it should be then it will read more than 12v and should be around 13.5 to 14.2

good luck

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