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Camry Parts

Hi all, I have a 2004 Camry and would like to perform the following myself, instead of waiting for my mechanic to charge me:

1) replace wiper blades (not just inserts, but whole blade)

2) fix headlight thats out (if its not the fuse, then I need to find the proper headlamp replacement.

Best bet for something like this a Pep Boys maybe?

I know how to do the actual maintenance but not sure where to find the proper parts (I found the proper blade number on toyota's website but not sure how to get it).
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any parts store will list the parts that are correct just tell them the year make and model

this is simple stuff

is just one headlamp not working or both?

if both then could be bad headlamp switch, most of them have a built in circuit breaker in them and they can fail although it is rare

if the switch is multi function one mounted on the column they are known for failing and is not rare to occur,
although this tends to happen in the '90's GM cars more often

good luck
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cool! thats great news! thank you!!

re: the headlight - its just the one thats out. im thinking its the light and not the fuse, but I havent peeked under there yet.
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Go to your local auto parts store (Advance, Autozone, Pepboys, etc) and get a manual for your car (Haynes, Chilton, etc.) about $12.00 then you will know how to fix(or not) almost anything that goes wrong with your auto. Have a nice day. Geo

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