1979 Mercury Marquis door


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1979 Mercury Marquis door

I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the door panel on the drivers side of a 1979 mercury marquis. I know that there are some sort of clips in place but im not sure about where they are or what the easiest way to remove them is.
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Not really sure on that Particular car but all those I have played with were pretty consistent.

Door pulls and armrests are bolted or screwed on - remove those. Might have to get on your knees and look horizontal or even UP at the base of those components to fine bolts/screws.
Once door pulls, armrests are removed, check for additional bolts/screws BEHIND them but
OOOOOOOOOONLY if the bolts/screws go THROUGH the PANEL!! Don't remove bolts that hold the window regulator/glass in place.

Remove window crank clip (if manual).
That's always fun...
If you've never done it, push the door panel toward the door, looking at the shaft behind the crank handle. You'll see a thin metal wire clip going around the backside of the window crank.
Remove it. Works best to push from one end of the wire or the other. Can be frustrating.
If you have electric controls you can usually ignore for now.

Once the window crank and door pulls are removed, insert a thin flat screwdriver behind the door panel against the frame, front, back and bottom feeling for connectors. If you are lucky, you can use needle nose pliers to hold the connector pins together (pliers directly against the door, behind the panel) as you pull the panel away from the door frame.
Very common to damage the plastic connector - cheap, at most autozone type stores.

Once all plastic connectors are separated, raise panel skywards and disconnect all electrical plugs.

Hope this helps.

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