Water Pump, Chrysler 3.0 V6, 2000 Voyager


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Water Pump, Chrysler 3.0 V6, 2000 Voyager

I am replacing the timing belt on my 2000 Plymouth Voyager. It as the 3.0, v6 engine, 110,000 miles. I want to replace the water pump at the same time but am having a problem. I have the timing belt (and everything before it) removed. I can get to all the bolts to remove the water pump except one. There are two bolts at the very top of the water pump. One goes in from the top (in the up/down direction, 12mm) - I can get this one. However, there is a smaller bolt, (10mm) right by this up/down bolt. It goes in from the front (as all the rest do) but is actually behind a metal bracket. There is no way I can get to this bolt with the bracket in front. So I am trying to remove the bracket. The one up/down bolt for the water pump goes through this bracket, but the other two bolts are stuck. There is no clearance to get a box wrench on them and the open end wrenches don't get enough grip to turn the bolts and are just stripping them - so I am stuck. I can't remove the water pump all for this one little bolt which is behind this bracket which I can't remove. Help!!

A couple of things -

The small bolt looks like it actually holds the front of the water pump onto the rear housing of the water pump (because it is so small) and not actually holds the water pump onto the engine. So if I leave the small bolt on, is there a way to slip the water pump & back housing off the engine as one unit and slip it back on with this bracket still on? I don't think so because of how the water tube in back has to connect, but maybe that is what I am to do? There is very little clearance and it would have to go in at a sharp angle if I were to leave this bracket on.

Is it true that the smaller bolts on the water pump (10mm) really only hold the pump and back housing together and that they do not connect the assembly to the engine?

Am I really suppose to remove this bracket? It looks like I am, but maybe there is more to this bracket than I can see and maybe it won't remove??? Also, the clearance to get to these two stuck two bolts is so small, will I even be able to remove the bolts even if I get them loose?

Finally, what suggestions do you have to help remove the two stuck bolts holding this bracket on in front of the water pump?

Neither the Hayes or Chilton manuals even mention this bracket or problem.

Please help

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I have been in your exact position before. I remember replacing that same water pump and having the same problem. It has been a while but if I remember correctly the only way to get that bracket off is by removing the intake. I think my remedy was to bend the bracket enough to get the water pump off and then bend it back in place once I had installed the new one. The purpose is just as extra support for the pump. It also seems that I did need to remove one of the bolts before I could bend the bracket.

The choice is yours...intake or bent bracket.

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So it seems like bendiong this bracket is the way to go. But how about any suggestions about the two stuck bolts - box wrenches won't fit on them and the open end kind just strip the bolt - what else can I try to get them loose?
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Thanks for the advice - but I am so mad at Haynes and Chilton - I went through both manuals making sure I could do everything before I started and neither one mentioned this bracket or that Chrysler reccommends removing the intake manifold to get to the water pump - why bother to make shop manuals if they are wrong? and why in the world would Chrysler make an engine where you have to remove the intake manifold to get to the water pump. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

Finally, is there a better shop manual I can buy? How is alldata? Or how about the Chrysler manual? Does anyone have a recommendation as to which shop manual to buy in the future?

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Try the below sight, click on the AARC Auto Repair logo and enter your car info.
Have a nice day. Geo

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