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Question Whack!

My '94 Camry got side-swiped outside my home.
The p. u. truck driver ( God bless him) rang the bell and told me!
Anyway, the front bumper was pulled off, LF fender scuffed and LF wheel cover creamed ( poss. LF wheel damage...).
Also gonna need some grille work, looks like
What I'm asking is: at what point do they 'total' cars.
This one has 175K on it, and no problems - zero !
But Toyota electrical parts and fenders ain't cheap.
I assume if the labor costs ($100/hr in Boston area) outweigh the value - it goes. Am I right?
Private deal selling price is $2900, and T.I. value is $1620 (Kelly)
We'd like to hang on to it, though.
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Anything over $1k-2K in damage will most likely total your vehicle. It's all up to the insurance company though.
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buy it back

Talk to the insurance some will let you buy it back for real cheap. Then fix it back up.
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I would agree with "Hot"'s estimate. I think anymore than about $1500 and they'll call it toast. I would try for Michael's plan. Believe it or not, you can get an aftermarket fender for that car for under $100, bumper cover under $50, I just checked. PM me if you'd like the website.

Basically what the insurance company will do is give you $2000 (if you're lucky), take the car and sell it off for maybe $500-1000, and make up the rest of their "loss" through higher premiums from thier insured.
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I've had two major accindents so far

The first time the at fault driver covered all costs out of pocket

The second we took a lower pay off and kept the car

If memory serves they total if the repairs exceed 80% of the value, retail I think
But htose wrecks were a long time ago
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I think that 80% is still used.
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Just went through this last year:

84 Chev Caprice, side swipped. Car valued at $1800.00 by insurance company.

I got the option to keep the car, didn't have to pay anything for it.

Insurance gave me $ 1800.00. I sold car as-is for another $1000.00, guy was going to fix it up. Like your car, it was in excellent mechanical condition and really good physical (minus the accident damage). I took money and made down payment on new car.

The draw back to getting the car back from the insurance company: Once they total it, a new title will be issued for the car and it will identify it as being a "salvaged" vehicle. If you ever get into an accident with it, I would assume there is no real value placed on the vehicle and you wouldn't get anything out of it. Not sure how it works at that point. My truck is a salvage vehicle, but haven't had to cross that road yet.
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If your Camry is a front wheel drive, a smack on the front wheel could be serious stuff, and some may be hidden, a drive axle pushed toward the tranny too far can cause hidden damage, which may not show up until after all the body work is done and the car is driven a few hundred k"s.
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Thank you all -
The adjuster for the driver's ins. co. is coming over 1st thing
Monday and bringing his clipboard, so I'll have an idea of what to expect.
A body shop guy told me that if the adjuster wants to total it, to ask him to drop tha amount of settlement to "below total"
and there could still be "some room in there" to fix the car.
Michael's reply is very interesting, and thanks Renolenny - never thought about the LF half-shaft. The wheel cover was gashed.
Will let you all know, and again, many thanks

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