astro van 87 stalling out


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astro van 87 stalling out

Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me
I Have a similar problem With my 87 astro van
I can start the car up drive it for about 5 miles then when i am in traffic or just driving down side streets the car the car will stall. when i try to start the engine back up i need to hit the gas pedal. When I continue driving if i press the car moderately the car sounds like it is choking and stalls out. If i park the car on the side of the road and give it a half hour break i can get another 3 miles out of it till it inevitably stall out again,

Do you guys know if i would have to replace the fuel injectors
fuel pump
fuel filter???
Any suggestion would be really aprreciated.
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First choice (and cheapest) fuel filter. That's likely the problem. Others would be obstructions to fuel flow (possibly in the tank). Then the fuel pump, which can be checked for pressure before replacing.

Hope this helps,


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