Throttle body fuel injection to a carburetor


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Throttle body fuel injection to a carburetor

I am going to put a carburetor in place of the throttle body.
Its on a 1993 Chev 350 cid
I am changine carb and center head
I know I have to drill a couple holes straight down the center head for it to fit.
My question is can I use the same electric fuel pump in the gas tank.
Or will I have to put a mechanical pump on it.
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Ummm, my first question would be, why??? Remove something that works in all kinds of weather and at any altitude, for something that sometimes works OK, often does like temp changes, does not work at different altitudes well, and may not pass emmission standards in your state(and the swap is not legal in some states). But to answer the question, you need to disable the computer(but then the trans may not work), install a new manifold designed for your engine and the carb you want. There is nothing to drill that I know of.
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A fuel injection delivery pump is too much pressure for a carburetor setup. You should go a standard lift pump.

You're talking about an expensive retrofit.

Hope this helps,

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You can get a return style fuel regulator and keep the in tank fuel pump. As far as drilling, and center head? I can only assume you mean the intake manifold. If so like bill said get the correct one for your engine and carborator. Are you going to run a q-jet or a Holley or what? As far as transmision I think your computer controls it on your truck but you can get a stand alone transmision control from painless wiring.

I guess the main thing is why do you want to do this. Are you trying to add performance? The kind of money you'll spend converting to a carb you can get a nice aftermarket EFI that is capable of handling your demands. Its up to you what do you want and how much you want to spend?

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