new tires


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new tires

Any ideas's on the quality of tires...I have a 2004 ranger with around 24000 miles and the goodyear wrangler are shot...the worst riding and wearing tire I ever had...I kind of narrowed my choices down to cooper or dayton...Any idea's or better options...

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Consumers rates tires all the ime, check their ratings. But Michelen?? are very good , but not inexpensive. Goodyear also has some good tires, but I have never used Wranglers. Your driving habits or where you do most of your driving can affect tires. Stop/go is hard on tires, as is fast starts/stops. Rotating tires at manufacturers suggestions will give better mileage, and keep the tires at rated air pressure.
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Tires these days are all regulated so they all meet safety requirements. Cooper, Michelin, etc are great brands, BUT, spend the extra money and get a good type. You get what you pay for. Also, make sure you maintain proper air pressure and tire alignment. Bad alignment/camber will destroy your tires in no time.
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I always look at types of tires before I compare brands. I wouldn't want my wife's sedan tires on my 4x4 or vice versus. Knowing what type of tire, which includes how it will be used should be the first step.

IMO maintaining the correct air pressure is the #1 way to get the most milage out of any given tire.
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I'm assuming the Goodyears are what came on the truck? Usually OEM tires wear out quickly compared to the same companies aftermarket tires - i.e a Goodyear Wrangler made for Ford won't be made the same as a Goodyear Wrangler made for the Goodyear dealer even though they look the same.

Be sure to check the alignment though when you put new tires on, just because the truck seems to drive fine the alignment can still be off and cause the tires to wear quicker than expected.

I like Cooper tires, I've had Discover AT's and HT's with good performance and about 60-65K miles on them. I also like Michelin's. I have a set of Michelin LTX M/S's on one vehicle and Cooper Discover HT's on another right now. Shop around and see who will give you a good deal.
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I have the WalMart cheepo Douglas on my wifes van and they are some of the best tires I've ever had. They ride good and have a lot of miles on them. I didn't realize munfacturer tires were different then dealer tires but it doesn't suprise me, I have heard Wal Mart tires are diffent then dealer tires. Either way I barly got 24000m out of the Michellines on my Dodge so it makes a little more since now.
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Talking Tires

I don't buy the notion that the tires that come with the vehicle are different from the tire shop. If you check the tread wear, traction and temperature rattings on your goodyear wrangler against one at a goodyear dealer they should be the same (providing the tires are the same size, type, etc.)
That being said my personal preference would be the Michelin LTX M/S I have them on 2 Bronco's and they are great in all conditions. Yes they cost a little more but you do get what you pay for. There are 3 things you don't cheap out on ...Tires Brakes and Front end parts All 3 can get you killed real quick. And you don't want that for you or your family. That's just my 2.5 cents worth.

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