Good ground or not?


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Good ground or not?

If your fuel guage works, would that mean you have good ground to the fuel sensor? Still can't get pump to run, may have to drop the tank again and pull the sensor. Going to double check grounds again.
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Not sure if there was a previous post, but if the pump will not run but the gas gauge does work, there is a good chance you have a bad pump. But not nesessarily. Are you sure the pump does not run, what are the symptoms, etc., etc.
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Like Bill said, we need more info, type of car, motor size, year, etc. I don't see a bad ground on a fuel pump unless it was previously worked on and installed properly. You need to check ALL your fuses! NOT just the ones that refer to a fuel pump, etc. Many components share the same fuse.
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Check the fuel pump relay also.
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I put on a new relay. The wires going down to the gas tank sensor had no power, I had a bad ground wire coming from the engine compartment. I ran a new ground wire right from the battery down to the tank, put my tester on them had power to tank, pump still would run. I then ran a new hot wire right from the battery to the tank, now I have a new hot and ground right from the battery, pump runs. If I connect the pump to the old hot wire coming from the engine compartment, which has power, and to the new ground wire from battery, pump won't run. I test the new hot and ground from battery, test light has bright light, pump runs. If I test the old hot wire, which has power, and the new ground, test light has dim light and pump won't run. Any ideas on whats going on?
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Too much resistance on the hot wire, could it be bad/loose/dirty connection and or voltage drops from relay to pump.

You need a volt meter to test and looking for voltage drops from each point of splice/connection.

Can you run a hot wire from relay to pump?.

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