'98 Pont Sunfire - intermittent start


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'98 Pont Sunfire - intermittent start

This one has me pulling my hair out. This car has an intermittent starting problem. You turn the key over and nothing happens...no click, nothing. If you wait a couple seconds, it usually will start fine. The last time we were stranded, we returned an hour later to work on the car and it started right up. Most of the time, it starts right up. With such an intermittent problem, it's extremely difficult to trouble shoot it. Here's what I've done over the past 2 months.

1) Replaced the battery. It checked out bad. The problem continued.
2) Replaced all the battery cables. the problem continued.
3) Replaced the ignition switch. The problem continued.
4) Replace the starter and solenoid. And the problem continues.

Anyone have any ideas?
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gm key

don't late model GM keys have a anti-theft do-dad that gets screwed-up ocassionally?
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Take a look at the tranny/clutch neutral safety switch, depending on the type of transmission. When it acts up work either the shift or the clutch a few times and see if that doesn't get you some results.

After that I would look at the wire/connections from the ignition switch to the solenoid. Also check any fuses or relays for power in and out. Unless there's a reason to suspect damage to the wire harness (heat or some of type of damage) a problem there is more likely to be at a connection.

Hope this helps,

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Some vindication......but still no fix! I caved in and took the car to the local dealer for service. After 2 days of trying, they were unable to determine what the problem is. Bad news is that they scanned the codes and had a code for lost communication with the dashboard but have reseting that and a couple of other codes, the couldn't get the car to fail.

They are leaning towards a bad dash panel (and about $450 in repair) but don't feel comfortable enough with the problem to be sure a new dash will fix it. They also said they knew how mad I'd be spending $450 for a repair that didn't fix the problem.

Right now, we are driving the car waiting for another fail to start.
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