Brake light(!)


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Unhappy Brake light(!)

2001 Chev Malibu. The front bearings come with the ABS sensor included. One was put in April 06 and the pass. side in Sept.06. The ABS light came on last week. The light is always on now (not flashing). Also since then the BRAKE(!)(P) light came on twice.

What to do?
Help me please
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Do your brakes work well?

First check fluid level in master cylinder. Also raise each of the front tires off the ground and check the front bearing play in each.

If you're OK there, then disconnect the battery for about one minute, then hook it back up and see if the lights have stopped. Sometimes when you mess with the ABS you need to clear off any codes and start over again.

If you still have the lights I would suggest taking to a shop.

Hope this helps,

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It was the connectors that were loose at the hubs. They are nice and snug now and it's been 2 days without the ABS light on!


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