2003 Nissan Murano Maintenance

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2003 Nissan Murano Maintenance

I have 60000 miles on it, and was informed that I should change the drive belt and power steering belt. I looked up the parts online, and it seems like they are the same belt. Is this correct? Has anyone here replaced the belts themselves? Is it as simple as it seems?

How important is it to replace the cabin microfilters?

Nissan says that the transmission is good for 100K miles, but is this true? Some places tell me to flush the CVT, but that is expensive and part of me thinks that they just want some cash.

Any/all tips on maintaining this baby are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
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First of, your Alternator and Power Steering belts are different, you may have looked them up wrong, Alternator belt is much longer and wider than the Power Steering one.

The Micro air filter is helps to clean out the air that entering the cab, important or not is personal thing and to me, yes it is important for my health, for you, it's may not makes any different.

Nissan says that the Trans Fluid is good to 100K "depending on the vehicle useage", the CVT fluid can last up to 100K miles. Before doing any fluid changing weather it's just drain and fill or completely flush it out, check the fluid deterioration first, you have to go to Nissan for checking CVT fluid deterioration and changes are you are not needing them change. Checking the CVT fluid for deterioration before changing IS the only way to know for sure if the fluid needed or not and it's not cost you much to check them, most of Nissan Dealer do it for free, and I have NOT seen one that needed yet but do change them per Customer requested.

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