1992 Ford Tempo


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Red face 1992 Ford Tempo

I am putting a different tranny in the car. And was wondering if I have to put any tranny fliud in the torque coverter before installing the tranny. I ask because I have put two in and the same problem exists. And that is when shifting into second gear it revs up and goes no where. Help Thanks JWadd
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It would help, though it would make the tranny heavier during installation.

After installation, I don't see why you can't add four qts, start the car, then add the remaining charge (12 qts total?) to fill the transmission, including torque converter.
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I worked as a tranny R&R guy for a couple years, a while back. The shop was owned and operated by an old time "perfectionist". His rule was ALWAYS put fluid into the torque convertor. If you don't the transmision pump is running dry, even for a few seconds. Over the years, I've made it the same practice and never had a tranny problem due to installation procedures. Also, if you've already put a couple tranny's in, look into flush solvent to flush and clean the transmission cooler lines..Places like Auto Zone and Napa sell it..
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Thumbs up 92 ford tempo

Thanks guys for the help. It was actually the throttle valve control linkage. I adjusted that and runs good.

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