'89 Jeep cherokee fuel problem


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'89 Jeep cherokee fuel problem

I have an '89 jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 and the fuel pump is inoperative. The pump and filter were replaced a month and a half ago by a repair shop when I was traveling and not in a position to fix it myself. Now it isn't working again but I can work on it myself this time. I noticed a few days ago that it took a couple more revolutions than usual to start it. It has since taken more and more effort to get it started until it simply refused two days ago. I checked for spark and it's good. I checked for fuel pressure in the fuel rail and there was none. Since it has a new fuel pump, I checked for voltage at the pump with the key on and there is none. I am now stumped because I can't find a wiring diagram for the fuel system in my Haynes repair manual and don't know where the voltage to the pump originates or what relays, switches, or sensors it may go through on the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There is usually a relay in the fuse panel, could under the hood or under the dash, but usually well marked. Also, check the fuel filter.
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Another possiblity is a bad electrical connector at the tank. I thought my 1 yr old fuel pump had went out on my 90 cherokee 4.0 but after removing it, I found it operational. There was a short at the connector where it plugs in at the tank.

I was not able to find a new connector anywhere. Mopar only has the gauge connector for the 4 cyl. That only leaves repairing or replacing with a used one.

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