Chevy Express won't stop stalling


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Chevy Express won't stop stalling

I have a 2002 Chevy Express that regularly stalls. I've had the fuel filter replaced. When the stall continued, I took it to a mechanic at his home that the salesman recommended. He put a scanner on it. Did notice that there was a low reading on the Camshaft sensor. He apparently reset it, and as we drove it for several minutes we could not get it to stall. But the stall was back the next day and happens just about every day, normally occurs after the van has been driven somewhere and sits for a while, then driven again. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Don
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Have you seen if there are any codes? Autozone will read your OBD II port for free. You can have codes but with no check engline light. If it's a camshaft position sensor, it should leave a code in the memory.
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What size engine and how many miles on it ?
Did you buy it new ?
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stalling Express

It has the 8.1 Liter. I did not buy it new. I got it about 2 years ago to carry a large family. It had about 85,000 miles on it at the time. We've probably put another 15K on it. I'm at work so I don't have that reading with me.

Thanks for your help,
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When it acts up does it stall and immediately recover or does it die all the way and have to be restarted? If so, does it immediately restart?
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Stalling Express

It typically stalls out completely then has to be restarted. It usually starts back up with no further problem.
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there is a crank sensor also or could be a fuel problem in your book there should a recomended fuel pressure put afuel pressure guage on it see what it says.

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