1987 Nissan Sentra wont start


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1987 Nissan Sentra wont start

1987 Nissan Sentra wont start doesnt even click. I just got a new battery a couple of months ago. Ive taken off the cables to the battery (clean) so far and Ive read to clean them off but how do I take off the cables to starter to clean? The positive terminal leads to the starter right? So this is where Im at if anyone clean please help Id appreciate it.
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yes the positive does go to starter or colinoid do you have lights or any kind of power at all if so check for loose wires somewhere
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Yes the lights worked
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Try a shrp tap with a hammer (not too rough). No , luck remove the starter and take it to your local murrays, autozone, etc and get it checked for free.
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Never overlook the obvious..............Check all the fusible links.......Then check for voltage at the main lead to the starter......and for 12 volts at the trigger wire when the ign switch is turned to start

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