Car riding rough over 60 mph

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Car riding rough over 60 mph

Our 1997 Toyota Camry LE has been riding rough when we get over 60 mph lately. What causes this?

I don't think it's an alignment problem, because when we drive on a straight road and let go of the wheel, the car doesn't veer in either direction.

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You could have a tire out of balance or if you have not rotated the tires on a regular basis, you could have cupped or flat spots on the rear tires which is causing the rough ride. You might try over inflating the rear tires by 5 or 10 lbs so the car will ride in the center of the tread, if the rough ride goes away then the problem is the tires and all you can do is wait until time to replace them. Have a nice day. Geo
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I had a car with a couple wheels out of balance and it was amazing how rough the ride was. The alignment was fine.
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Could also be a tire is coming apart (the steel belts inside are squirming around). Inspect them from front and rear of car for out of round appearance.
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How old are the tires? How many miles? Have them inspected at once. A blow out is a scarey experience and often a dangerous one especially if going at high speeds.
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Definitely inspect the tires. We had one separate on the wife's car (a Camry, coincidentally) a while back. Not noticeable at low speed but really got to thumping on the interstate. If you're really energetic, you can troubleshoot this by using the spare (assuming you have a good one) to replace each of the existing tires one at a time to see if it goes away.

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